Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Many Faces of Go

Started the day with reading some in my sabaki book, while being curled up on top of the heating vents. It's so cold, perfect day for go studies. Then played around some more with the problem editor of the Many Faces of Go and seemed to get it working better this time. Of course, i just added fast test problems, as opposed to real ones, so it wasn't very helpful study wise. I'll add some real ones later.

I have been playing the Many Faces of Go even up, to get more used to even games as opposed to handicap ones. I hadn't been able to beat it yet, not even on level 1. But today, I came close by losing with only 3.5 points. I can exactly pinpoint where I screwed up too, not paying attention, and losing those points. At some point I managed to get a 3-stone group in atari and did not see it till it was lost. Stupid! I think my mantra to reach 1st dan should be something like 'Pay attention!!!!'

Now I'll go practice more go problems, I am still working on the easy ones in The Many Faces Of Go. Starting at level 41 today, that seems to be around the level that I am stuck right now.