Monday, October 18, 2010

Boston Tournament

Yesterday I played in the quarterly MGA tournament.

Game 1: I played black against 1d, started an avalanche and a mess and won.
Game 2: I played black against another shodan, started a mess and lost.
Game 3: Gave 4H to a 4k, despaired, made a shobute mess and won.
Game 4: I gave 9H to a ddk, played steadily and won.


End result: three wins, one loss, fifth place.
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Woodlands: Porch and Simul

Apart from the abundance of go at The Woodlands, there is The Porch. Early morning, when you wake up, you wander to the porch to drink tea with other early birds. People will be playing go and it is the best place to eat pancakes with maple syrup.


Afternoon tea is much better on the porch than it is inside the building, especially with wonderful loose leaf tea.


On Monday she gave a simul against all of us. You know, one of these games where you put down your handicap stones, start fighting, have this beautiful moyo. That moyo which 20 moves later is struggling to make two eyes, or at least one and a half so it might be able to win the capturing race... Or maybe you just found yourself a perfect place to resign.


She won all her games. Such power!

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Back from The Woodlands

This was yet another excellent workshop. I finally downloaded my pictures and hope to share many of them soon, after I do the 281 items on my 'Thing to do: Urgent!' list. Here is a quick preview.


We played games got them reviewed. Somehow her stones always move way more gracefully than our stones do.


When you spend a lot of time sitting and thinking, it is important to get some exercise and fresh air. Every day after lunch we would take a walk. This is our Saturday hike around the pond.


I bet we played at least a stone stronger after this walk to nourish our soul.

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Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Slowly getting back into playing, although life still somewhat interferes. Yesterday I was able to play two games on Cyberoro and lost both of them. Ouch. I like to blame my mindset of my lack of calmness or the cat, but in reality it was just me messing up.


Today was better. I studied on KGS with a friend for a while and then opened cyberoro for a game. I was calmer and more focused than yesterday and got less annoyed by 'unreasonable plays' of my opponent. This game I won.

Looking forward to another sendol lesson tomorrow and a whole weekend filled with go at the Woodlands in upstate New York.
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