Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Slowly getting back into playing, although life still somewhat interferes. Yesterday I was able to play two games on Cyberoro and lost both of them. Ouch. I like to blame my mindset of my lack of calmness or the cat, but in reality it was just me messing up.


Today was better. I studied on KGS with a friend for a while and then opened cyberoro for a game. I was calmer and more focused than yesterday and got less annoyed by 'unreasonable plays' of my opponent. This game I won.

Looking forward to another sendol lesson tomorrow and a whole weekend filled with go at the Woodlands in upstate New York.
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BenGoZen said...

Congrats on regaining your focus and winning the game. I know how frustrating it can be to losing calmness in the middle of a game. I hope you'll blog about your Woodlands trip for those of us who wish we could be there but can't make it!

yanzhang said...

Hey, this is Yan. Decided to say hi =)

Do you do gchat? I'm krzhang. Let's play on KGS sometime afterwards.