Saturday, February 20, 2010

First Tournament Game: Too Many Mistakes

My first game in Middlebury was fun, but I made too many mistakes in byo yomi and even before byo yomi. I am black in this game. It started quite innocent with him playing two sansans and me wondering how to reply. The situation was 'boring' till he played 8 so close my komoku stone. I think an approach at F16 or F17 seemed to be more advisable for him because of my black 7 stone at D10.

A pincer seemed like a good idea and I felt black was not doing badly after the pincer.

His A and B group both were not making many points, and my left and my upper right corner both were getting big. I could almost taste the victory here.

This seemed as good a time as any to make my first big mistake. I decided to approach his lower right sansan with black 1 and he, not unexpectedly, pincered with white 2. Now if only I had studied any san san pincer joseki, but I haven't. Guess I now know one, after reviewing this game, but during the tournament, I made up my own. Not very successfully.

I found myself losing a lot in that corner and the game felt not as victorious after this. As in 'Bah humbug, I can't believe I did that' annoyed at myself.

On the other hand, afterwards I did learn the correct joseki here:

I am regarding this game as a learning opportunity, both in playing against sansan and in managing my time (I made too many stupid mistakes in byo yomi)

For whoever is interested, click here to download a review of this game by my teacher sendol. This is the first time I am using google docs for a go game, please let me know if anyone has problems. Or if you have better options for posting games, since I have not really been keeping up with go blogging during my time off.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Middlebury Tournament

Finally played a real life tournament again. Here are photos.

Vermont: From the Word Go Tournament February 13 2010

The short story:

  • Game 1: even against a shodan, I killed myself in byo yomi, oops.
  • Game 2: even against a shodan, I ate a lot of his stones, including a basic corner shape when he ignored the sente descent. Study paying off ^^
  • Game 3: giving 2 stones to a 2k, and he grew much bigger than I did, oh well.
  • Game 4: giving 4 stones to a 4k, feeling way behind, but finagling one of his corners into a carpenter's square which sadly passed away, so I won that game.

Summary 2-2 result which is ok at my current level of rustiness (is that even a word? ^^)