Saturday, February 20, 2010

First Tournament Game: Too Many Mistakes

My first game in Middlebury was fun, but I made too many mistakes in byo yomi and even before byo yomi. I am black in this game. It started quite innocent with him playing two sansans and me wondering how to reply. The situation was 'boring' till he played 8 so close my komoku stone. I think an approach at F16 or F17 seemed to be more advisable for him because of my black 7 stone at D10.

A pincer seemed like a good idea and I felt black was not doing badly after the pincer.

His A and B group both were not making many points, and my left and my upper right corner both were getting big. I could almost taste the victory here.

This seemed as good a time as any to make my first big mistake. I decided to approach his lower right sansan with black 1 and he, not unexpectedly, pincered with white 2. Now if only I had studied any san san pincer joseki, but I haven't. Guess I now know one, after reviewing this game, but during the tournament, I made up my own. Not very successfully.

I found myself losing a lot in that corner and the game felt not as victorious after this. As in 'Bah humbug, I can't believe I did that' annoyed at myself.

On the other hand, afterwards I did learn the correct joseki here:

I am regarding this game as a learning opportunity, both in playing against sansan and in managing my time (I made too many stupid mistakes in byo yomi)

For whoever is interested, click here to download a review of this game by my teacher sendol. This is the first time I am using google docs for a go game, please let me know if anyone has problems. Or if you have better options for posting games, since I have not really been keeping up with go blogging during my time off.


dfan said...

This 4 kyu would have played L3 instead of O3, with the thinking "White approaches from the side, I connect, he reinforces either on the lower left or the lower right, and then no matter what there should still be enough open for me to reduce or invade what's left." Is that reasonable too or does it end up giving White too much?

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