Friday, January 28, 2005

Game Reviews

I have been playing more human games, and then been spending some time afterward to review the game. It's so much easier to see in hindsight why this was not a good move at all. Or what I could have done to kill that group. It also is nice to be able to try the 'what if's' and see whether they should have been a concern or not.

My big issue is that I forget to do 'whole board' thinking, and instead get caught up in a small fight. Sometimes I am able to do a step back and do a better move, away from the fight. But often I don't see till review time what I should have done. Well, I guess that's what reviews are for.

I play less KGS games now, because I want to mostly play humans, and somehow those games take more time. I also have kind of stopped worrying about my ranking, figuring that I should just play the best I can, and see what happens. Strangely enough, this has stabilized my ranking, and who knows, maybe some day it will even go up again!

I really should study more joseki, I think I lose a lot in the beginning, because of not knowing the best moves to play in certain situations. But life/death seems really important too. So much to study, so little time! :-)

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