Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Life And Death

Managed to reach my goal of 50 problems today, all of them from TMFoG. I still seem to be stuck around level 40, sometimes going as low as 30, or as high as 50. It is nice to know that I still have a lot of room for improvement!

Today was the day our local go club meets. I played a 5th kyu, took 7 handicap and lost. It was a good game though, I learned a lot. But still ended up with tiny groups as opposed to the nice big ones he had. Another area where I still have room for improvement.

I studied the first game in the book 'The Secret Chronicles of Handicap Go'. Some of my kids came over in bewilderment and asked whether I was playing against myself? Usually I just do problems, which looks different. They shrugged and found something more interesting to do when I told them that I was just re-playing a game. They clearly thought I was crazy for re-playing a game which had been finished long ago.

Played one KGS game against a robot and managed to lose that one. And a game against TMFoG, on level 2 this time, and suffered another lose. Hmmm, today seems to be a day for losing. Oh well, tomorrow will be better!

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