Sunday, January 16, 2005

First American Go Tournament

Today, I drove down to Massachussets for my first American go tournament. I wasn't sure which AGA rank I would use, I just reached 15k at the KGS server. Based on that, we decided that 13k sounded fair.

The tournament was four games, I won only one. But I had fun playing, and did only one very stupid thing. Which wasn't even noticed by my opponent. Phew! I really need to pay better attention when I do automatic replies. Sometimes the most obvious move isn't the right one. I liked the variety in games, once I gave 7 handicap, and another game I got 7 handicap. I managed to lose both of those though. The only game I won was against a 12k, so I think the 13k rank is about right.

Bought myself new stones and two books. One about weak groups, I know that will come in handy. And one about the 3-4 point joseki in relation to the whole board.

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Bob Solovay said...

What's the name of the book on weak groups?