Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Computer Go

Thanks for all the comments including the ones about playing against a computer. I just had that discussion with a go friend, contemplating whether playing against computer was good or bad in the long run. I first was leaning towards good, because the computer is much better at looking ahead and knowing what will work and what will not. So I felt that I was playing more careful, and didn't hope for mistakes. Which I shouldn't anyway, not even in a game. I know, but in reality, sometimes I do try an invasion, hoping that the opponent will make a mistake and allow me a live group in his territory. And of course, sometimes it even works, although often it doesn't.

Now I have been thinking more about computer go, and I think at this point I definitely should play less computer go and more against humans. I had been playing a lot of robots on KGS, being new to the server, it seemed less threatening somehow, and less embarrassing to lose. Also, it was easier to get a ranking that way. But I'll take your advice and play more humans now. I might save computer go for when I know that I will have a lot of interruption, and still want to play a quick game. Just did that, and managed to win level 4 from the Many Faces of Go!

Will have to do my problems later today, want to get out and get some fresh (as in freezing :-) air right now. I am really enjoying working seriously on this challenge, it's amazing how little I know right now. Even some of the Basic problems in DieOrLive are still challenging to me.

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