Friday, March 03, 2006

Tenuki to Vermont!

Tomorrow, I will be playing in the Tenuki to Vermont Go Tournament. Looking forward to it, even although I have the eternal fear that I will mess up all my games. Yes, I know that even if that happens, I will be fine. But somehow the stress of it gets to me anyway.

I'll get over it. Funny how I usually don't care about winning or losing, but still am stressed about it the day before a tournament. Seems bad, guess it's something to work on.

I will just enjoy all the other aspects of the tournament, and ignore the stress. At least, that's my plan. I will have four serious games to study after the tourney. I love playing serious and slow games, I haven't played many plunk-and-pray games lately. Well, sometimes I still do, but less of them ^^.

Now the only issue will be to leave the house before 7am. *Yawn!*

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