Sunday, March 05, 2006

I HATE Talking Clocks...

Had a great time at the tournament. My friend encouraged me to enter as 3k, to challenge myself. I liked his arguments, so I went for it. It turned out to be no problem at all to play as a 3k.

I played 1-3, which doesn't sound that good, until you hear the story behind two of the losses. Both of those were on time with won board positions... Those talking clocks really do get to me, argh!!!! Still don't care much about the time losses though, I feel that I played good games, and won the games. Even if the records indicate otherwise ^^. So winning 3 out of 4 games as 3k isn't too bad, I feel good about the tournament.

Someone asked me whether it bothered me that recording my game slowed me down and maybe led to the time loss. I thought about it and decided that no, it didn't bother me at all. I feel strongly about learning from those games and reviewing them later, and I just am not strong enough yet to keep them all in my head. I love having the records to pour over and review and obsess about.

I also thought about whether I should have played faster on purpose, but no, it felt right to eliminate the hasty moves and play the best possible moves I could come up with as opposed to the first likely move. Speed will happen, I just need more tourney experience with the talking clocks. For now I will go with slow good moves over fast sloppy ones.

My first game, I gave 2H to a 5k. I did not do well this game, he ended up with too much territory, and I misplayed an invasion. Also, I failed to defend a group which should have been defended. I'll have to spend some time reviewing this one and see where I could have done better. I am not good at giving handi, I feel behind from the start. Need to work on that.

My second game was an even game against a 3k. We decided colors by nigiri, I chose black, so that I could hit him with Jabberwocks. This game went really well, and I won the game on the board, but lost it on the clock. We both were in byo yomi and this clock just keeps yelling at us, how annoying. Oh well. Felt that this was a good game, but I am sure I will still find room for improvement when reviewing.

The third game, I got 3H from a 1d player. This is another game I feel good about, apart from running out of time. I killed a nice big W group. W tried to complicate and told me later his only hope was that I would lose on time. I obliged him by doing so, must have made his day ^^.

The last game, my only official win, I gave 9H to a 14k. Ironically, this is the only game which I do not feel good about. I am really bad at playing against 9H, and I have to shamefully admit that this win was based on bullying and overplay, not on good go. Blech.

But overall, I played a good tournament, the time losses just are unfortunate. I feel that I can consider myself AGA 3k now though, so only three stones to go for my short term goal .


Chris said...

Gosh, you've improved so quickly! I liked your even game. A few comments, if you'd like them. I'm barely stronger than you; 8k KGS.

Move 17: This should certainly be at K4, not J4; W can play E3 now, you're somewhat forced to play E4, and then you're overconcentrated.

If you want to come back to J4 (which is a reasonable plan), you should first play D2, and if you get the C3 response then you can J4.

Move 51: Great tenuki! I recently found out that, in the corner setup you have there, it's basically never too early to play C3. Useful to know in case you're worrying about whether it's time for it.

Also, I recently found out that W F2 (in the same corner position) loses B any aji he had on the corner, as well as being a reasonably big move if B's trying to build significant territory there. So, C3 early as B, F2 as early as you can with W.

Move 58: This is really too deep for W, and I think you got a little too concerned about losing everything. I'd try to kill with the shoulder hit at P10, and I can't see how W gets out -- if he makes any jump (including a one-space jump) towards the top-right, just push and cut. I think W deserves having this stone killed.

It's such a shame you didn't manage to cement the win! I have you ahead by up to 30pts after a reasonable-looking endgame by both sides.

-- Kosai.

Explo said...

I am 8k KGS too so I can't say my opinion is better than Cris's.

Move 17: I would have played J4 too.
If K4, white can invade at both H3 and M3 so it would be hard to keep much territory. But this might be a matter of style. Playing D2 before J4 as Cris suggested gives bad shape. Anyway white can't play E3 too early, it would be like saying "ok I want 5 more points in the corner in exchange for stregnth in your 70 points moyo": a attempt to make things even more difficult for white.

Move 59: R11 does not show much fighting spirit but you get sente so if you fell ahead it can be enough.

During you game against the 14k guy, he made a lot of mistakes and you calmly took advantage of it. I don't think you should be disappointed by your play in this game.

Gilgamesh said...

Time pressure can be tough :) how much main time did you have, if I may ask?

O_Scientist said...

Main time was 45 mins, byo yomi was five times 45 secs.


xed_over said...

I think talking clocks are kinda cool -- but then again, I've never gotten into byo-yomi with them. :)

The only tournament I was in where the talking Ing clocks were used was at this last summer's Go Congress. In such a large room with so many players, there was so much other ambient noise that the clocks seemed to be the least of the distractions.

In professional tournaments, don't the timekeepers audibly call out the time, especially during byo-yomi?