Thursday, March 23, 2006

1 - 1

Last night, I played a game in our The Weekly Slaughter Series. Wow, they are very intense, I take these way more seriously than my normal 'plunk and pray' games. I made my first mistake on move number 7 (chose the wrong joseki) and it only got worse from there. There was fighting, and then there was more fighting. At some point, I decided that I could give up the center for a lot of territory, so I offered that exchange. He took it, and boy, that was the wrong decision. Where I thought it would be easy to reduce the center, it was not at all. Heck, the center was virtually territory already. I consider that my bad bad bad bad mistake of the game, blech. As the reviewer said 'B's blunder'. On the other hand, at least it was a well planned blunder. The decision might have been wrong, but it was a well planned mistake.

Now I was stuck with a virtually impenetrable center and I was behind by way too much. My only chance was to outyose him. So I played a very focused yose ('Do I really need to reply to that sente or can I pull a 'My sente is bigger than yours!' bluff?') I huffed and I bluffed and I blew his lead down, ending with a 8.5 points win. Wow!

This is fun! Looking forward to next week's game. For now I will spend my time pouring over this game and using it for serious review material.

BTW, I was going to make some tea to go with my game, but once I started playing, the world around me stopped to exist. I woke up from my game focus around 3am and by then I thought sleep was more appropriate than tea ^^.

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