Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Winning a Won Game

I really should start doing that. I am having too many instances of playing a reasonable game, and then giving it away by a bad decision somewhere in the middle game. I guess it might be time to seriously look at the 'Winning a Won Game' lecture series on AudioGolessons.

One thing which still happens too often is that I overattack. Getting so enthusiastic about the attack, that I leave weaknesses which come back to bite me in the butt. I should learn to attack for profit, and to stop the attack when enough profit has been gotten, and further moves do not lead to a lot of gain. Sounds so easy in theory.

My minue lessons are going well, he is teaching me a lot about simplicity. I tend to overthink and the get too cute in my moves. Should go back to basics. Shygost gave a lesson tonight in which I listened in, and he had the same kind of message to his student, so that was a good reinforcement of the concept. Simple is good! Simple is strong! I had a very close teaching game against him, till I lost focus in late end game and let him kill one of my groups. Purely lack of focus, blech!

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Tyler said...

I know exactly what you're talking about. I've been playing some won games where I was ahead by so much, with no signs of my opponent resigning, that I did sit back and just worry about making my gains solid instead of pushing hard for more territory.

Now, either because I outclassed my opponent (we had to increase the handicap, and will have to again) or because of how much stronger I was after consolidating that I found it impossible not to scoop up more territory later when I ran out of purely defensive moves.

True, not all opponents will give you an easy ride like I got, but I do believe that it's a matter of urgent before big, and when we're easily grabbing big moves and are ahead, we forget that we still need to look for those urgent moves.

When the urgent moves are gone, all that's left are the big ones.