Thursday, March 16, 2006

Rank Inflation

Just more and more realizing how much rank inflation there seems to be in the AGA ranks. It wasn't as apparent when I was a DDK (double-digit kyu), but as a SDK and getting closer to the dans, it becomes more apparent. For all the people who actually work themselves up to shodan, there also seem to be a lot of people who just enter as a shodan, even when not having reached that level yet. Tournament after tournament. Never reaching shodan level as their official AGA rank.

I don't think there are easy answers for it, but it definitely seems to be an issue. I will do my part to beat it by not self promoting to shodan. I will earn it by entering as 1k and winning most or all of my games. That is, when I am ready for that. In April I will just enter as a 3k again, seems fine for now. Need to beat my clocks issue anyway.

I started taking some lessons with Minue on KGS, a strong Korean player. I had seen him teaching in the KGS Teaching Ladder a few times and really liked his style. When one of my on line friends on KGS started taking lessons with him, and raved about the lessons, I decided to try a few myself. He is great! Very hands on teaching style, I am learning a lot.

He is big on doing problems without solutions, saying that long research in Korea has shown that that is best. So I got out my Korean Problem Academy books yet again and am doing a bunch of those every day. I feel that I read deeper when there aren't any solutions available. Also still stydying on pro games, I think especially the pro games are helping me a lot in getting better sense of direction and of timing.

So much to study, so little time.


Remoth0 said...

Well, you say inflation, but the thing is, how are people supposed to get an accurate description of what their rank is?? On Kgs, It's not all that accurate. Go Clubs everywhere do not know what their ranks are, so they guess, and they're way off. There should be some website or something that a bunch of pros put together that for a small fee, you send in a few games, and the pros decide what rank you are. Inflation is inevitable unless there is a way that someone can get an accurate rank reading...

LeisureGuy said...

The Korean Problem Academy books: do you have a source for them? Sounds like something I would like to try as well.

O_Scientist said...

I got my set from but that site has been down for maintenance for a long time now (since early January maybe?) Not sure what's up with it.

The email of the owner is if you want to contact him directly and see whether he can get them for you.