Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ear Reddening Game

Studying the famous Ear Reddening Game, it is quite interesting. I had seen it a bunch of times, but never seriously studied it. I like it because it's the first Shusaku game I am seriously studying, and of course, I like it because of the taisha. I never realized that Shusaku was only 17 years old at that time, wow.

I also love the sense of history it gives me. This game was played in 1846, and we can play and study and enjoy it today, 160 years later. Just awesome.

I just got the 'Appreciating Famous Games' book, I might focus on those games for a while instead of, or in addition to my modern games. They are quite interesting, and fit very well with my current territory oriented game play. So much to study, so little time.

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wegobad said...

"Appreciating Famous Games" -- I love that book, carry it just about everywhere I go. I used to carry a small magnetic travel set too, but now I carry a pocket pc, so I'm fearful of the effect of a bunch of small magnets.

My copy came from another player, the guy who taught me the rules and showed me the ladder and the net, in another city 2,000 miles and 20 years away. It was my 3rd go book, but it's still the one I read most, for better or worse.