Thursday, February 23, 2006

New Kisei!!!

Yesterday, Yamashita Keigo finished off Hane Naoki in an overwhelming 4-0. (Best out of seven finals series) When I went to bed last night, the outcome of the game wasn't certain yet, so I was happy to wake up to a win for Yamashita. Please welcome Yamashita, the new Kisei.

We have studied the second Kisei final game at club, but I haven't really studied the other games from the series yet. Guess that will be on my study program for the next few days. Today I have done 20 of the 'Get Strong at Handicap Go' problems, reviewed some shygost lectures, want to start transcribing one of his lectures, and want to do a bunch of 'Get Strong at Attacking' problems. Maybe after that I'll start looking at the Kisei games. So much to study, so little time ^^

Yesterday was go club, always fun. We had nine players show up, not bad at all. I played two slow and serious games. Made a bunch of bad mistakes, but learned a lot. I am more and more leaning towards playing only one or two games a day, but take them really serious and spent quite some time reviewing later. I haven't even touched my Rated KGS accts in ages, which might be good because they tend to be the 'plunk and pray' type of games. I am much more apt to play seriously with my Nanny account.

The more I play, the less important my rank seems to be anyway. The only time when it seems to count is in tournament play, because I don't really want to sandbag or to enter at a too high rank. But apart from that, I couldn't care less.

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