Monday, February 20, 2006


I am rereading 'Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go' by Kageyama. I am only on chapter 2, I have decided to limit myself to one chapter a day, so that I can really think about what I am reading. That's the nice thing about rereading, I don't feel like I want to read and read and can't stop, because I HAVE to know what's in the rest of the book. This time I can savor it slowly, and enjoy his wit and his stories.

This chapter was on cutting and connecting and will make me more aware of those issues again, which hopefully will improve my game. It also makes me even more aware of the importance of fundamentals, especially quotes like "You have to soak up the fundamentals as you practice on your own, studying them until they become a part of your very being. If the fundamentals do not operate subconsciously when you sit down to play, you have not mastered them yet."

So will pay more attention to the fundamentals in my games, I have been trying to play more simple and basic moves. I like shygost's playing style, a simple style, mostly just following the fundamentals, which he says the koreans call 'flower go'. Meant as an insult, but it got him to 6d, so it can't be too bad, right? :) Good style to experiment with.

So much to study, so little time.

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David said...

This is a great book and will surely be a great help to your quest. I still pick it up now and then and find new things I missed so far. I still find myself making the mistakes this book warns you about and I'm a european 4d.