Thursday, February 09, 2006

Go, Yamashita, Go!

Over the last few weeks, three Japanese Kisei title matches have been played on, Yamashita Keigo is challenging Hane Naoki. Yamashita is one of my favorite players, so I have been rooting for him. This title is a 'best out of seven' series of matches, and so far, Yamashita has won three of them. Very good chance that he will end up being the next Kisei.

The first game was played in Germany, Yamashita won by resignation. The second game is the game we will be studying at go club on Saturday, so it's on my list of games to look at today. Yamashita took W this time, and won by 6.5. The third game was finished yesterday and was another win (B+1.5) for Yamashita. Only one more win needed!

Those games take two days, so it's interesting to watch them live, lots of time for discussion and thinking about options. Of course, they often end up doing something totally different from what we were thinking ^^

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