Sunday, February 19, 2006

Forcing Moves Revisited

I have been more aware of forcing moves and how to reply or not reply to them, have kept an eye open for how pros handle these issues. Very interesting. Sometimes I even remember to apply it in my own games, or I do play the obvious move, but not till reading out every possible variation. (at least, every possible variation I see with my measly kyu reading). I am working on that aspect of them.

I slowly am starting to realize that the other direction is important too. When to play forcing moves, and how not to overdo it. When is sente a good sente to play, and when is a sente move bad or crude?

In one of shygost's lectures, snakeeater mentioned the proverb "If you play every sente move, you lose." Shy agreed with him. "Yeah! I've never heard that proverb, but I totally agree with it. I remember when I was 6k. I thought 'Oh sente!' I was so psyched about sente, I'd just play sente all over the place. And then I would lose all my games. I said 'Wait??? What's going on here?'"

Then there is the issue of crude moves. The moves which are aji keshi, and often help your opponent. I should get rid of all of them. Just need to focus on that while playing. I am more aware, but still have lots of room for improvement.

Today was go club, eight players showed up, quite good for a Saturday afternoon. We looked at a pro game (Chen Yaoye 5p vs Lee Sedol 9p), and played a bunch of games. I played anti chinese against a chinese opening, and it took me till move 18 before I made a game losing move. Farther into the game than usual ^^. And it wasn't even a forcing move, I must be improving!

With every move I will keep this advice in mind 'Nanny wasted all the aji. If nanny wants to be a shodan, she must learn how to use the aji'.

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Gilgamesh said...

Indeed :) Grab shapepoints in kikashi.

Ask your self will having a stone there help me in the surrounding fight? Is there a point to it? if it doesn't do much in the first place, little point in playing it.. if the opponent also decides to resist it, it can get ugly :) Good post, alot of people including myself should reflect on this :)