Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Problems Revisited

Notable quotes from my last miserable Weekly Slaughter Game:

NoSide [7k]: minue, give her 10 millions reading problem this week :)
minue622 [7d]: noside made poor misreading, i would have to assign 100 millions reading problems to him in this week if he were my pupil
FlameBlade [-]: in fact
FlameBlade [-]: I think both of players here should be condemned to hell of eternal reading problems
FlameBlade [-]: if I had my way
FlameBlade [-]: and this shouldn't work.
Barrauss [-]: But that's just because you're spiteful.

Summary: My reading sucks.
Solution? Problems, problems, and more problems.

I increased my number of daily problems, mostly working on tesuji, some life/death, and some haengma. I have gotten back to the Many Faces of Go problems, because it's easy to do a lot of them in a row and have the level self-adjust. I also dug up some of my chinese problem books, including a great tesuji collection with tons of simple capturing races. Yesterday, I took that book to our local science museum, so I could do about 80 problems, while the kids were entertaining themselves with the exhibitions. Last but not least, I have been doing some of my uligo problem collections, like the l-group one. So much to study, so little time!

NoSide [7k]: nanny... you know how much i love you?
NannyOgg [-]: you haven't mentioned it lately ^^
NoSide [7k]: but i've to say that you're crazy to let this happen
NannyOgg [-]: I never have claimed to be sane
NoSide [7k]: and we're going to miss you...
NoSide [7k]: all this coming week where you'll be gone, doing your 1 billion reading problems
NannyOgg [-]: ...


snakeeater said...

A note on studying L&D, don't study in bursts, e.g. doing 50 problems on a weekend and then go on a mental vacation doing other things. Instead try following a consistent schedule of small number of problems every day. I've found the ladder much more effective than periodic cramming.

Nacho Cernuda said...

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