Thursday, June 15, 2006

Beware the Taisha!

Today, someone hit me with the taisha, so I was all excited about playing it. But strangely enough, instead of the wedge, he played this move:

I thought this was totally wrong, but wasn't sure what the right move was. I played E15 and got a good result locally as far as I could tell.

Later, when I reviewed the game, I was curious whether kogo mentioned this move. And indeed it did! It says: 'A *' is joseki, If Black regrets what he has done so far and fears the consequence of the many variations of the taisha after 'A', he compromises on 'B'.(A being the normal wedge, B the move my opponent played. In kogo, the variation ends at this position

Compared to that, I think my result was ok. I just regretted that I didn't make the R11 extension from this. Interesting.

1 comment:

Flame said...

But have to consider that you took corner, which is huge, and settles your group completely.

so I would say that you already got durn good result here, and a big extension in future.