Sunday, June 11, 2006


Yesterday, FlameBlade came to visit us at the Upper Valley Go Club. I have known him for ages on line on KGS, but had never met him in person yet. It was a treat to finally play him on a real board.

He played quite a lot of games at our go club meeting at Borders, two of which were against me. For both of those games, he wiped me off the board.

After the meeting, Flame and his wife came to spend the night at my house. I invited him for another game after most of the kids were upstairs, so that I could actually focus on the game. I played mini chinese, and it was a pretty balanced game. In review I saw a few chances I missed, but I was not unhappy with my game. I ended up with one more point on the board, but of course, komi made the score into W+5.5. What fun!

This morning, they had to leave, so no time for another game. On the other hand, it would have been a game with lots of interruptions, so better not to bother at all.

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