Wednesday, May 03, 2006

So much to study...

... so little time. The last few days, I have been swamped with real life, very annoying, less time to study go. Luckily, today is better, and I have played through the ear reddening game already, will do some go problems next.

Last Sunday, I went to the MGA tournament with two friends from club and met a bunch of other friends there. It was fun, even if my performance could have been better. I played 1-3 as 3k and one of the losses was yet again due to time. I want to dedicate a seperate post to the tourney, but today is reserved for studying and go club.

I have been replaying the first 180 moves of the ear reddening game and the Game of the Century every day. It is interesting to see that there seem to be new insights every day. I had never stayed that long with the same game, it's very different and it feels like the games are starting to become more part of me. I am sure it will be even more be ingrained once I have played them 10,000 times.

Today is a yucky and rainy day, perfect to stay indoors and study and play go. Off to do my problems!


Chris said...

Neat. Do you have records of any of your tournament games? Would be happy to attempt to comment.

- Chris, who scraped 2/2 at 2-kyu. Pesky three stone games against 2-dans.

Anonymous said...

I played 3-1 as 3k and one of the losses was yet again due to time.

Err, perhaps you meant 1-3?

O_Scientist said...

ARGH!!! yes, I meant 1-3, geez. Just fixed it, thank you.

Chris, I have records and will post them within a few days. Would love to hear your comments.

Off to go club!


harri saptadi said...

dear Nanny.
do you have kihu/ record of the 'smiley' game shown in picture above?
i am pretty sure kleintje Sylvia was dominating the whole board.