Saturday, May 06, 2006

You Know The Days Are Getting Longer...

... when dawn is breaking, and the birds are singing when you finally log off from KGS.

This means that there are more hours in the day to study go, right?

I will be traveling next week, so I won't be playing much, will be a good time to focus on problems. I will be stuck in bus, train, airplane for way too much time. The good thing is that I can do go problems without any interruptions. I am putting together a collection to put on my PDA, and I will take some books too, just in case something happens to my PDA collection.

Yes, I do realize that normal people usually don't spend more time on packing their go stuff as opposed to things like clothes. Or shoes. I have friends who have to take just the right shoes everywhere. I guess they have weird priorities. Glad I am not them ^^

For your entertainment, Morsus just added this poem to his user info.

Nanny Ogg has got a knack
At writing blogs she is no hack
But on the board her moves were slack
'Til Minue the whip did crack
And got Nanny back on track
Now she's got a new attack!
Burma Shave

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