Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Now I Remember...

Why I usually don't play day time games on line. Just too many distractions, I have managed to lose every single iron man game so far. On the upside, I did make it to all seven of the rounds. Of course, this means that I am now more committed to play as many games as I can, if only to remind myself that day time is for go studying, and night time is for playing :) I always joke I lose seven stones when all the kids are awake, and that seems pretty close to the truth.

I am sure each one of those games will have lessons to teach me, so I'll sit down later and calmly go through today's games. For now I just want to have some tea and study on my goban.

The ironic thing is that during my last game, I had 12 kids running around, a plugged toilet, and general chaos. And now that the game is over, almost all the kids are on a walk, back to their own home, asleep, or just doing something quietly. They have a good sense of timing ^^

I have been working on tesuji study, trying to do it in a more organized way. I want to improve both my speed and my reading depth. Lots of room for improvement.

Someone asked about the PDA I use. It's a Palm M105, which I picked up for maybe $40 on ebay last year. Even then, it was old technology already. It is perfect for my purpose though, I use it for go and geocaching. I use PilotGOne for my go studying, and am mostly happy with the program.

Ah, kids are back home with some animal bone, zombies and other assorted goodies. I'll go find a quiet corner and hide with my goban.

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