Friday, May 19, 2006


The iron man insanity is still going on, and I have to say that I have played a nice variety of opponents. Yesterday included a 24k and a 5d, today I played a 2d and a 30k so far. Nothing like getting wiped off the board first thing in the morning ^^

Last night at 1am, I decided to take a short nap before my 2am game. I put my alarm clock on 1:45, so that I would not miss my game. I check the settings about three times, just to be sure I wouldn't oversleep. Next thing I know, I wake up and it is 2:10am. So I missed that game, I was annoyed with myself and checked my alarm clock again to figure out why it didn't wake me up. Very simple. I had set it for 1:45 PM. I wish americans would use 24-hours time, like civilized countries do.

That was the only game I missed so far though, I am now at 18 out of 19 games, not too bad. Still annoyed though ^^

One more game to go, I hope I can make it. I have something going on tonight, but could be back in time to play. And otherwise, oh well. I am not going to have perfect attendance anyway ^^

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