Monday, May 15, 2006

Temporary Insanity

Argh, I did it again! I wasn't going to sign up for the KGS Iron Man Tournament. Twenty games in five days, every 6 hours, is insanity. Last year, I managed to play all 20, so I feel that I have been there, done that and could try to behave more sane this time around.

It didn't work. I was strong till about 15 minutes before the tournament. When the announcement came up about the tournament starting in fifteen minutes, I was inevitably drawn to registering. And I can't even play all the games this week I think, I have some other commitments. But that won't keep me from trying anyway ^^

I played one game so far, against a 6k, I did mostly ok till he outread me in the end. Clearly shows I should work more on my tesuji problems. Was a fun game though. This morning, I was supposed to play a game, but my opponent never showed up. He had registered for both the open and the handicap division, and chose to play his handicap game. I had to wait for 45 mins for him to time out, what a pain. So I won on time, but I'd rather lost by playing a good game. Oh well, it is within the rules, but I wish KGS would make it impossible to enter both divisions at the same time.

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