Saturday, April 29, 2006


With my new study method, I have rediscovered my PDA as a way to store reviews and problem collections to take with me on the road. I have a very old PDA, which was out-of-date already when I bought it last year. I did not want to spend much money on it.

I have used it for geocaching, and some for go, but I have to admit that the heavy users were my kids, who like playing the games on it. Until I started more goban studying this week, that is.

Yesterday, we had a homeschool meeting at a playground, so the kids were all playing, while the parents were socializing in the sun (Yay for homeschooling!). I had gotten my PDA from the car and was working through some tesuji problems. One of my friends was watching me and looking more and more puzzled.

Finally she asked 'What are you doing on that PDA?'
'Go problems'
'You are NOT playing GO on it, are you?????'
'Yup ^^'.
'I thought that was one heck of a long calendar you must be updating'...

Ha! Whoever would want to use a PDA for calendar and memo functions? Way more perfect to take sgf files to wherever I want to study go. Silly people.

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Israel RN said...

Hello, may i ask what PDA do you have?
and what program/method you use for problem study?

Israel RN