Thursday, April 06, 2006

Weekly Slaughter 2-1

Argh!! Last night, Edison beat me during our Weekly Slaughter game. I can't even blame him much, it was more me making a lot of bad decisions. He stood by and watched while I suicided my invading group. Good learning experience ^^

I will have to spend some time reviewing the game and figure out all my bad decisions, so that I won't make them again. I didn't like move 8 for me, and it only got worse from there. Oh well, next time I'll do better. It was a fun game anyway, at least till I made that doomed invasion. No idea what I was thinking, but it wasn't a particularly good plan.

The best way to describe this game came from shy: shygost [-]: now white departs wisdom... to panic. Yes, that is what seems to have happened. Very apt description.

Some random game comments:

NoSide [7k]: u know what i don't understand about our games?
NannyOgg [-]: no?
olczyk [14k]: A lot?
NoSide [7k]: our pace is almost as slow as a pro title match.... yet these people actually hangs around to watch :)
NoSide [7k]: amazing isn't it?
Battousai [-]: actually this is slower than the chinese and korean title matches :P

I started studying the game of the century: Honinbo Shusai versus Go Seigen. Go opens at sansan, hoshi, and tengen, very interesting. Yet another famous historical game, I love the sense of history these games are giving me. This is a game which was played in 1933. I relish the thought that we can study and learn from games which were played this long ago. And that go players around the world have been learning from this game for more than 70 years.


Kendrick said...

That's funny. I too just started reading that very game. I love to look at these old games - especially ones about Go Seigen.

But as a possible 20kyu (never been graded) I don't seem to make as much sense out of most of them. I try to see - but sometimes have no idea what's going on. I wonder if there is a book out there or a study guide on how to appreciate old games?

O_Scientist said...

There is a book about 'appreciating famous games', but it doesn't have the ear reddening one. Still interesting games, i just got the book, but haven't studied the games yet. There also is a book 'Invincible, the games of shusaku', which is on my list of books to get.

I also use a lot to find commentaries, they have a bunch of old games there too, both the ear reddening game, and the game of the century. And of course, there are comments on the newest pro games, which is very interesting too. It is a pay site, but for me it was definitely worth the money, I get a lot out of it.