Thursday, April 13, 2006


Taking a break from studying to do some writing. Any excuse will do when I am annoyed with my slow progress in memorizing the game of the century.

When I reached AGA sdk a while ago, I still didn't feel like an 'official' sdk, because I wasn't sdk on KGS yet. The KGS rankings are so much stronger than the AGA ranks, I considered myself a KGS ddk for the longest time.

Yesterday, I talked to a friend, and he convinced me that the time has come to consider myself a KGS sdk too. I seem to be playing on a 5k to 7k KGS level now, based on my games and on opinions of friends and teachers. SDK-hood is kind of inevitable, even if I still feel unsure about my own abilities part of the time. Argh, I just don't like ranks at all, it always feels like a pain when I have to deal with them.

Next on my road is AGA shodan (which doesn't seem like a big deal anymore now that I have become closer) and then KGS shodan (which seems more of a big deal, but still only a tiny step on my road to getting stronger). It's funny that the stronger I get, the less important rank seems to be getting though. Interesting. I still remember how desperate I was to to from 19k to 18k on KGS. I don't feel the same desperation about rank anymore, although my quest for improvement still is there. It just doesn't seem to be measured as much by rank, it really is about making the stones flow better and playing better moves for the board. It is measured by showing better spirit and by reading deeper and faster.

I guess I'd better go back to memorizing that pro game if I actually want to see any improvement happening.

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Rob said...

I completely understand where you are coming from. Making SDK AGA was this major goal for me, but once I got there I felt worse. I felt weaker! Then making SDK KGS was a big deal, but when I got there I felt even further from shodan. Now that I've finally started to beat AGA shodan's I feel that is too weak, and I must try harder to get stronger.

I still need to make AGA shodan on paper, but I think I could make AGA shodan without further study. All I would have to do is play a ton of games and get more tournament experience. I think you're probably in the same boat.

The path of go is such a strange one! The more I know about go the more I don't know about go. I guess I'll have to make KGS 1d my goal :)

My tip for you on the pro game memorization is to try playing through the sequence and looking for better moves than the pro. Its really hard and you'll end up memorzing the game without trying!