Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Western Massachusetts Spring Tournament

On Sunday, I made the drive down to Massachussets to play in their spring tournament. Last time I had a snow storm while driving down, this time it was just a gloomy and rainy day. Perfect for being nice and snugly indoors and playing go.

It was a pretty small tourney, about 16 people maybe? I decided to enter as 3k AGA again, I felt that I should be able to do that pretty easily. I ended up playing 2-2, so looks like 3k is fine for now. My first game, I gave 4.5 reverse komi to a 5k. The game went pretty well, apart from two BIG mistakes (all the other mistakes were not as big ^^) The first one was the upper right corner.

After playing out that corner, I decided to tenuki to the upper left (C15). Bad decision. My teacher Minue made that very clear to me in his review. "C15 is big, but just territorial move. A is surronding black "stones", putting pressure on it." Yes, he is totally right, and the lack of this move is one of my big regrets for this tournament. Not to mention how horrible things get for White, when Black cuts at C and then later plays at B. W gets very much sealed in, painfully so. I guess this was a good learning opportunity to remind myself about the urgency of move A. I mean, hane at the head of two, how hard can it be to see the urgency of that? I was kind of worried about the cut at C, but I could have actually read that out after the hane and seen that I was fine.

My second big mistake was a hasty invasion of the right, resulting in a group which was a pain to take care of. I still managed to win the game, even when the clock started yelling at me. I discovered that I still HATE talking clocks. And the byo yomi was 4 times 15s, which is not very generous. For the longest time I had 15s SD left, and I just closed my eyes and threw stones at the board, losing like 10 or 15 points in yose that way. Won by 1.5, phew.

My second game was giving 2H to a 5k, although I suspect that she was somewhat weaker. I won pretty easily by 33.5.

Time for pizza and on to round 3. This was the game I enjoyed most this tournament. I turned one of his groups into a nice dumpling, and had fun attacking another of his groups. Of course, I over-attacked and exploded, losing myself left and right, but at least I had fun before I resigned ^^.

I did make yet another huge mistake this game, the lack of move A in this position, I omitted it for the longest time. W finally had enough of it, and got move B... Painful. This position is still giving me nightmares. Why didn't I just play the darned move??? I have spent quite a lot of time looking at this game yesterday and today and this is the move (or lack thereof) I regret the most. Lots of other mistakes, but this one just seems worst.

My last game had a 30k moment early in the game. Still can't believe I did that, it has to do with misreading a ladder. It's a mistake I should not have been making. Oh well.

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