Monday, January 09, 2006

Wings League King Tournament

Let's say that I still have room for improvement in my tournament play. I managed to play 0-3. Impressive, huh?

Actually, it wasn't that bad. I did lose all my games, but felt I mostly played well. I lost on a few big mistakes as opposed to lousy play throughout. Things like throwing away a won game and such. A friend desribed it very well. 'Your moves were like strong - strong - strong - strong - weak and the weak ones negated the strong ones.' So I just have to get rid of the weak moves and I'll be fine :p

Every single game I made one or two big mistakes to lose the game. Oh well, I had fun anyway. And as always, I learned a lot when we reviewed the games later.

I think part of the problem was that these were daytime games, so lack of focus was an issue. Hard to focus when baby has to go to the potty for the 54th time in 30 minutes. Or when fights had to be mediated. Or when some one wants yet another sandwich. I even missed an obvious atari, which is a bad sign. One of those 'where did my stones go???' ones :)

Still feel good about my games, since I mostly played well. Just have to get rid of those few weak moves. And it was just fun to play in this tournament, who cares about winning or losing anyway.

Next weekend is the Boston tournament. Let's see whether I can do better in a real life games setting, without my kids to distract me.


Tristen said...

Aw man, if you can go 0-3 in a tournament and remain calm, there is some serious Buddha qualities lurking inside you. Me, I spit, curse, break windows, kick cats to death...

Coyote said...

So that's what happened to Muffin! They said she ran away.