Sunday, January 15, 2006

2005 Statistics

Generated by the KGS statistics page.
Player 'nannyogg'. All games.

From 2005-01-01 to 2005-12-31 (365 days).

Number of games played: 650
Number of unfinished games: 6
Number of forfeited games: 0

Number of wins: 272
Number of losses: 378
Average number of games per day: 1.78
Win ratio: 41.85 %

Number of games played as white: 241 (win ratio: 54.36 %)
Number of games played as black: 409 (win ratio: 34.47 %)

Number of different opponents: 262

Random remarks:
  1. I didn't play enough games, less than two per day!
  2. I do a lot better as W than I do as B (ok, makes perfect sense anyway, but fun to see it in numbers)
  3. More different opponents than I had realized.
  4. The top five of people I have played most frequently are shygost, FlameBlade, hurkle, Kipawa, and GoChild.
  5. I was too lazy to actually include my Rated accounts, but it's not like I have played a lot on those anyway, would add maybe 20 or 30 games at the most. Some day I might feel organized enough to include them, but not today.
  6. Didn't include turn based either, but that is almost a different kind of game, I do both better and worse on turn based (better because I can think longer, worse because I sometimes forget about things like fighting a ko when making a move hastily.
  7. Didn't include real life games either, so maybe that would add another fifty or so.

I wish I was at the MGA tournament or the OZA instead of stuck at home, cleaning things I didn't particularly want to clean, but which are staring me in the face now.

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