Sunday, January 08, 2006

Utter Failure

After the good game against sarge, I managed to play a bad game against kongkaroo. It started out ok, but I focused way too much on territory, couldn't find a balance. Heck, didn't even try seriously for a balance. Got a bit hyperfocused on territory instead.

He got a massive moyo, which I helped him convert into territory. I did get a tengen stone in there in time, but then failed to connect to it, because I was too busy making territory. It's all about balance.

I got properly yelled at afterwards, and now see how my joseki choices and other factors lead to my demise. So I learned a lot and this will never again happen to me! (yes, you can stop laughing now)

Today is Wings League Kings Tournament, for the winners of the monthly leagues. Let's see whether I can play my new and improved style and not fail utterly this time.

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Coyote said...

No matter what else you can say, you didn't make the same mistake of going only for territory and getting shut out of the center during the two tournament games that I saw.