Monday, January 23, 2006


Consistency seems to be my biggest issues in games at the moment. I feel that I can play anywhere from 3k to 23k in one game, mostly good moves, but once in a while a really bad move to make up for the good ones. Half of the time I forget about my new playing style. Another half of the time I go for experimenting instead of for the win. And the last half of the time I just plunk instead of think, often too fast. Yes, I know those are three halves, just wanted to stress the frustrations I am feeling over all this.

One reason could be that I am experimenting with a more territory oriented style. I always have been more of an influence player, so this is quite new to me. I guess the only thing I can do is plodding on and hoping for the best. Once in a while I do have a good game which gives me hope, but they are still too rare.

I am really enjoying my new study plan though. I am studying pro games almost every day, and learning a lot from it. Which makes me experiment more too, so it might be a mixed blessing. Still doing problems too, but not as many as I used to do. Pro games is my focus for now.

I guess I should work on my consistency, but not sure how to work on it. Maybe it all comes back to focus yet again, and maybe I should just accept that experimenting might mess up my games in the short run, even if it makes me stronger in the long run.


Flame said...

I have exactly the same problem a while ago.

One dan player told me that once you overcome consistency issue, you're a dan player.

josh narins said...

There is one way to get better, read Go books.

There are, by my reckoning, three schools of learning Go.

Life and Death.
Fuseki and Tesuji.

I think only the first one is any good.