Thursday, July 10, 2008

Interesting Moves

I played a game against my teacher Minue with two interesting board situations. This was a 2H game. Here is the first board situation. Black to move.

This was where I wasn't sure what would be the correct move for this board. I ended up playing C12:

When I self reviewed the game, with some friends, I did not really like that move, and thought I should have played L17 or E16 instead. Minue didn't agree and said C12 wasn't bad, so that wasn't my big mistake this game. Although E16 got a 'This move is ok too'.

The interesting moves he showed me here were those:

I never pondered that follow up, will have to experiment with it. The other move I could consider was this one:

Interesting ideas.

My big mistake was later during this game, but that will have to be posted another day. Stay tuned for further developments!

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Anonymous said...

I would suggest L17 for this move