Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Lesson of the day: stay focused!

Yes, I know that has been a lesson many other days. Today, it hit home when I had killed a group, was comfortably ahead, and listened to my kids playing instead of thinking about the game.

He threatens to connect to his dead group and I totally make an unrelated move, taking a few points, but allowing him to get back to life.

What was an easy game, now turned into a 'grab every point you can!' one and I ended up winning by a few points. It helped that his resurrected group consisted of 30 stones surrounding zero points. Gotta love stone efficiency!

And gotta love focus or lack thereof. It is bad form to lose focus during game, just because one is winning. I guess after focus, I might revisit 'Winning a won game.'

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Anonymous said...

Watch the flame, Little Grasshopper...