Sunday, October 15, 2006

Two space low pincer after high approach to komoku

Last night, I played a quick game and met this pincer:

I don't see that one very often. After the game, I looked up the pincer to see what's up with it. Kogo's claimed "This is a rare move, undecided between the two intentions of putting pressure on White, or influencing the top left side." It went on to tell "White conitnues with A, B, C or D. White needs the ladder for B. The moves E, F, G and H are mistakes." Ah, that explains why playing E got me into trouble.

B is interesting. The ladder it needs shows up here:

Now the pincer stone is placed awkwardly. If it was placed at A, it would be a ladder breaker, but it's placed too low and Black ends up with a low position.

If B chooses this variation:

In contrast to the pincer stone being on A, White doesn't need the ladder for the triangled move, so pincer is badly positioned.

Interesting. Now I will hopefully do better next time I meet this pincer.

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