Sunday, October 15, 2006

Temporary Insanity

This was my Saturday morning game. It includes one moment of temporary insanity. One of those moments when you see the right move, know it is the right move, are totally convinced it is the perfect move. But somehow one second before you put down your stone, you change your mind and put it somewhere else. Not only that, but you instantly HATE the move you put down. Detest it, loathe it. Kick yourself over it and vow never to play go again. (OK, maybe not that last one, but I was very annoyed with myself)

This was the position:

A clearly is the best move here, so of course, I played B. I put it down and stared at it in horror. After that move, I spent a lot of time literally sitting on my hands, making sure I would not do something like that again ^^

Another notable moment in the game. I played the one space high pincer when he approached my hoshi corner, planning to play those moves.

The game went differently but we saw it in review, and she said this was not a good exchange for B. I always thought it would be good to get 3 in sente if W would fix the ko right now. Or have the ko hanging over W's head if he didn't fix. We didn't really go into it, I will have to figure out when Black 1 would be a good move and when it isn't.

This weekend, I learned how to put in variations and comments in my PDA, which was very helpful. After each review, I would spend some time going over the game in my PDA and add her comments. When I came home, I took the files and cleaned them up, expanding on the one or two-word comments. Very useful skill to learn.

Now I need to learn how to convince my PDA not to trash my files during sync-ing, sigh.

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