Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Blitz Go Revisited

Well, it was fun to play a lot of blitz for a while, but Minue said that at my level doing lots of easy problems was more useful for improving. Which makes sense, my blitz go does suck , and do I really want to ingrain those sucky moves into my head? I will still play an occasional blitz game for fun, but I am NOT going for quantity anymore. Going for sanity and quality instead.

This said, I entered the Advanced Study Room Ranking Tournament in which I do play slow and serious games. And found out that I still do not do well with tourney stress. This is definitely something I need to work on. My focus just totally SUCKED in the beginning of my last tourney game. I plunked stones and made tons of mistakes, blech. Not only that, but I checked out the chat in every KGS room, read email, and chattered away to a good friend. Who told me to stop chatting and start focusing. NOW! (I love you, flame ^^)

I was pretty far behind by then, after having made about every bad move imaginable. I minimized all my windows, focused and started playing good moves. At least, a lot better than the first half of the game. I won the game, but I was not impressed with my quality of play in the first half. As in, it sucked.

It seems so easy. Play and focus. Just don't get distracted. But my mind races in 5,000 different directions. And my mouse clicks on all those other windows. This is all about focus and discipline.

My friend told me that counting helps him, and recommended that I would start counting more often. It helps him to focus and to know what should happen. I do count, but not often enough yet. Will try that out. I also have resolved myself to just closing every single room when I am playing. I have done that before and it helped a lot, but I have been slacking. Bad habit.

I see a lot of similarity with my aikido, it is all about focus and presence. During the workshop, I found it really helpful to breathe slowly and sit on my hands, just focusing on the game, focusing on the board, evaluating the position, not playing hasty moves. At least, not as many as usual ^^.

This is easier to do in real life games, but I know I should be able to do this in internet games too, and beat my own bad habits. I only have to hold up a mirror to see my worst enemy on the go board. I will overcome this.

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