Friday, October 27, 2006

Memorizing Pro Games

I always enjoy studying and memorizing pro games (usually the first 100 moves, I don't do yose) and I am adding a new layer to this study. Over time, I have memorized a bunch of pro games. My issue is that after a while, I forget them, or at least, can't perfectly recall them in my mind. The big lines will still be there, but I get lost in the itty bitty gritty details.

My new project is finding a way to get more of them into my long term memory, trying to figure out the best way to do so. I started about five days ago, and have added one game a day to the ones I want to get into 'can recall perfectly at any given moment' pool. I replay all the games which I know already and add one new (well, formerly memorized) game to the repository.

No idea whether this is the best way, I would welcome any tips or insights people might have about this.

Bonus points to anyone who correctly identifies the game I am adding today.

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legomoc said...

Tony Busan (mindmapping guru) has written a few books on memorizing and studying. For memorizing he promotes repetitions with longer and longer intervals. For example: study, repeat same day, then next day, next week, three weeks, etc...
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