Sunday, August 06, 2006

'Weekly' Slaughter

Yes, finally back at it. My father-in-law had passed away and I had not been able to focus on go as I usually do. There was nothing weekly anymore about our weekly slaughter sessions. This week, I finally was ready to play serious games again and we did our usual 'Who makes the most mistakes?' kind of game.

I am still extremely annoyed with my big mistake. This was the position and I played the triangle stone. Within seconds it was very clear to me that this just totally sucked.

The worst thing is, that I should know this, we have talked about this at club, and somehow I forgot in the heat of the game. Can you tell I am annoyed with myself? ^^ I am not sure where I should have played instead though. A looks ok? I think A is better choice than B. Just tenuki seems to be played in pro games too, but I am not sure about the follow-ups and where to tenuki to. I really need to study this position, this was just bad.

I managed to come back from this mistake, but still... Feels like it should not have happened.

Oh well, hope we will be able to get in weekly games again, it's nice to play serious games like this.


Chris said...

I don't get it. How can separating black's stones be a bad move?

One way to judge it is "would black play there if I didn't", and I think the answer is "yes, absolutely" -- it gives B an extra 10-ish points of territory and is sente against what would become extremely weak white stones.

But I'm happy for it to be the case that I'm wrong and this isn't an urgent move after all; it is pushing from behind, which is almost always bad, but it's also separating the black stone and contesting the corner a little. You can be weak if your opponent is weak; with the stone separated, black can't try to kill you with it without overextending himself.

So my own answer is that this is a move that makes a large difference to the balance of power in the area, and also stops black gaining a bunch of solid territory by linking up. I'd play it ASAP.

- Chris, 2k AGA.

Ash said...

I am glad that Chris responded to the original post..being a 22kyu man I was getting really worried as I just could not see what was wrong, or even could be wrong, with the original move. Perhaps it is to do with Big and Urgent moves. This is probably not urgent and so the question may be ' is there a bigger sente move? '

klaashaas said...

Maybe because this creates a clumbsy white group, where the marked black stone still has alot of aji.

EGF 7 kyu

Chris said...

I agree that the marked black stone can still be saved, Klaashaas, but I still don't think the result is bad -- now black can't use that stone to kill white without overplaying, whereas if *black* played the original move that stone would become a solid part of the killing group. White is close to having a wall facing her lower-right shimari; I still think this is the only way to play. It's not ideal, but W let black have an extra move in the area so it shouldn't be ideal.

klaashaas said...
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klaashaas said...

I still don't know... This just doesn't look very efficient, but alternatives like this doesn't look too appealing either. Maybe the mistake was made earlier with the tenuki to f16...