Monday, August 07, 2006

More on my Bad Move

Thanks for all the comments on D3, I still feel it was a very bad move. I will try to explain why I feel that way. First, showing you the game position a few moves later:

diagram 1

Notice how the triangle stones (one of them being D3) are totally useless. They are just sitting there, doing nothing at all. W has played ten moves so far, and two of them ended up being nonsense moves. Not very good. 20 % of my stones in the opening are lost for eternity. No future. I felt this was horrible result for W. Heck, I was sitting at my computer, crying. Just look at the board and find two other spots those stones could have been. Not hard to find better moves.

Yesterday, sendol reviewed my game and called D3 'too heavy'. He showed just tenuki, playing in the UL corner instead. This is the position he showed. Sure looks better than my game.

diagram 2

He also showed variations, making it even clearer to me that D3 just can't have been right. Let's backtrack a few moves from Diagram 1.

diagram 3

Here Edison actually was very nice to me by playing D2. The cut at A is very severe, much more than D2 is. If he had cut instead, I could have ended up with positions like this.

diagram 4

diagram 5

diagram 6

Pretty bad. He also showed how I could have done better even after D3. This is a playable continuation.

diagram 7

Still, after looking at all this, I fully believe that D3 was a bad mistake, even if I could have kind of recovered from it. You can check sendols review for all those variations and more, I just took the most striking ones to post here. I am going to work on eliminating moves like D3 from my games. Last night, in the middle of the night, I woke up screaming when it showed up in my dreams. I can't allow this to happen again.

Please share any feedback you have on this, I numbered the diagrams to make it easier to refer to them.


Chris said...

Interesting. And sendol feels that W is okay in Diagram 2? I don't quite see it (but do believe it's me not being strong enough) -- in diag. 2 W has spent four moves in the upper-left to not even kill (!) the single stone, since B still has B17, and black D3 is still, in my opinion, entirely devastating, giving B a huge corner and an easy chase while making territory. I'm afraid I'd rather have diag. 1. ;-)

Very interesting position, though! Thanks for posting it, I'm enjoying thinking about it.

O_Scientist said...

I think in diagram 2, there is a lot of potential to develop the top for W. I even think taking the LL corner for B might be slow-ish right now, but I am not strong enough to say that for sure.

I see a lot of W potential, the question is whether I would be strong enough to develop it. Only one way to learn how to do that though, is by trying it, and correcting my mistakes when I make them.

I always used to play D3, only recently learned that it wasn't the optimal move here. I know Guo Juan talked a lot about it in the last work shop I went to, but that was in the other group, so I didn't get as much about it as I would have liked.

For B, I think locally his move is E2 when he wants to take the corner, not D3. But would have to check that.

Yes, interesting, I have been thinking about it a lot too, gotta love the way go entertains our mind, even while we are not playing.


O_Scientist said...

One more thing about diagram 1, the cut at E6 is very severe. Sendol showed a few very painful variations.

I think B could play that cut now instead of P4 and really destroy my position.