Sunday, August 20, 2006

Mini Chinese

I have been playing mini Chinese for a while, or at least, attempting to play it. Often, W will prevent me from playing it, so I haven't gotten as much practice with the mini Chinese formation as I would like.

Today, I noticed that the audio go lessons site has a lecture up about mini chinese. I was interested enough to spend some time listening to it and studying it. I learned a lot and now understand more of the history of this opening.

I had been playing the mini chinese with 2 komoku's, but after this lecture, I think I'll go back to the more traditional one with hoshi. Now just need the kids to go to sleep so that I can actually play and try it out.

Other studying today included pro game, handicap tactics, and some joseki. So much to study, so little time.


ChiyoDad said...

When I look at that formation, I begin to realize that I have played it frequently in my own games. But I never knew it as a mini-Chinese formation. I thought of it merely as extending along the side.

Against some of my opponents' positions, it just made sense.

O_Scientist said...

chiyo, if you look at L3 and R4 stone, you will realize it's exactly the same relationship as traditional chinese fuseki. Same issues for W coming in to approach R4. That's why it's called mini chinese.

Cool that you played it without even realizing that it was mini chinese. Now you can study more specifically on that fuseki.

I am all excited about playing around more with it.


Ash said...

How did that position arise? I must listen to one of those lectures. I am searching for a few base opening moves which will let me get to about move 20 without being already on the back foot. At the moment I study 'Opening Theory Made Easy '...but they are kidding me!

O_Scientist said...

Senseis has the first few moves of the fuseki and there also is a Charles Matthews article on gobase. I can't get the link right now since gobase seems to be down.

From the senseis article, the idea is that W splits the right, B extend from UR corner, W makes 2 space jump.

Poketen (KGS) said...

I think there was (still is?) a claim that the mini-chinese opening theory has been mainly developped by FanHui's master. It is said to be an efficient & effective opening if handled properly.