Thursday, August 17, 2006

My New License Plate

Yes, I do realize it's a bit over the top. But I still love it ^^

But how could I resist when I discovered that nobody had taken this license plate yet here in New Hampshire?

Now let's see how many people around here actually know what it means. So far, my neighbor has asked me why I put 'Bad duck!' on my car...

I guess I'll have to carry those trifold 'Go: an ancient game for the new millenium' leaflets around, to hand out to interested parties.


Morsus said...

maybe someone will think you hate Britain :)

O_Scientist said...

LOL, yes, I wondered about that one too. Maybe next year I should go to the 'padook' spelling. Baduk seemed more traditional though. And I am sure padook will have all kinds of interesting misconceptions too.

Nanny 'Bad Duck' Ogg ^^

ChiyoDad said...

"PADOOK" - Then people will think that you're a ranch-hand who can't spell.

O_Scientist said...

Yeah, so maybe I can't win, and I might just keep baduk. It seems to be the most traditional spelling.

I guess I have a year to ponder this :)