Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Killing is Such a Commitment

I keep falling into the 'trying to kill' trap way too often. I have realized that killing is kind of crude. It is way more fun to torture and hassle and make him live with 40 stones and 2 points. Preferably in gote. But sometimes... my greed gets the best of me and I try to kill anyway.

While I am killing, and smelling blood, I forget to take care of my own weaknesses. I am sure I am invincible, and I am going to win big, because he is going to DIE! Naturally, my opponent does not always agree. Not only does he not die, he also manages to turn around and kill part of me!!! Very annoying.

Of course, there is only one person to blame for the weaknesses in my shape, and it's not my opponent.

Most of the time, I just surround and let live small. But once in a while, I still go for the unreasonable kill, often leading to a predictable loss for me. Such great learning opportunities :p I need to get rid of my blood lust and just stay strong and let them live in gote. One day I'll get it.

Still studying hoshi joseki and handicap go, it's fun. Even if I am still being pounded into tiny pieces of dogmeat by Minue. Also studying a recent pro game, I want to experiment with that fuseki. Bonus points if you recognize the game.


Arnaud said...

The game is Lee Changho (W) against Alexandre Dinerchtein (B) from the 3rd Toyota Cup :)
The game commentary is on the last Goama issue.

O_Scientist said...

Well done, Arnaud! 20 bonus points to you ^^

I tried this fuseki in my last game against gochild and failed miserably. Oh well, there is always next time ^^


Arnaud said...

I will look at your games to try to see what went wrong. I am not stronger than you so I am not sure if I will find out.
Anyway I find this pattern very interesting too, and I guess will try it soon.