Saturday, April 02, 2005


My ranking finally seems to reflect my progress. I was so tired of being an eternal 16k, that I played a bot with less than proper handicap, and won, so that finally made me jump to 15k. Of course, I immediately went on to lose my three next games as a 15k, but hey, at least I learned a lot.

My DGS ranking went to 13k for a day or so, but now is up to a more reasonable 15k. I still feel that I am getting stronger anyway, reading is starting to get easier. I know much faster when I have gotten myself into trouble :-p

I find myself replaying sequences and joseki while driving my car. It has, at least once, resulted in me arriving at a different destination than where I was supposed to go. I think I am officially obsessed :-)

Some games, the stones seem to have a flow of their own, and they just magically move to the right places. Of course, in other games, they manage to move to just the wrong places. But at least I do have some games where I can feel the flow happening :-)

Took a break from contact fights, but I have had quite a few opportunities in my games where I could have used the info. So will go back to it, maybe tonight or tomorrow. I like the way Bruce Wilcox gives very mathematical rules for all those contact fight opportunities. I know it will help me a lot in my play.

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