Friday, April 29, 2005

Life is Good!

Things seem to be falling into place. At least some of the time :-) Once in a while I even make a good move.

I won the Wings Across Calm Water Go Club April League!!! It was a shared first place. It's just a fun and friendly self paired league, but still happy about winning. Maybe there is hope after all :-)

Also managed to win a game against a much stronger player, one who usually wipes the floor me. Most likely a fluke, but I'll work on making it happen again.

And third good thing, I am going to a real life go tournament! Tomorrow, in Vermont, which is pretty close to where I live. Just need to figure out which rank I will enter at. I played our local AGA 5k at 5 stones for the first time this week, and beat him twice. Easily. But my KGS ranking still is only 15k, but I have not been playing many rated games. Mostly free so I can experiment. Oh well, I'll decide tomorrow.

Of course, I still lose tons of games too, but every one of those has presented a bunch of nice learning opportunities. Sometimes a bit painful learning opportunities, but I can only blame myself for getting into those messes :-) I am just having so much fun playing, that losing doesn't seem to matter. Enjoying the game does matter, and I sure do that every single time I play.

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