Monday, April 25, 2005

I have always had problems with the website. The stones won't display for me, and it is just very annoying. It seems like such a wonderful resource, and I can't use it!

I know you can download them, but that didn't work as easy as I had hoped either. So I decided to look into trying to solve this issue. I found some pointers to java problems with the site using windows XP, so I went to the web site and downloaded the very latest version of java. Spent some time installing it today, and lo and behold, suddenly the stones were visible if I changed the stone size at the start of a problem. Not optimal, but better than nothing.

Was extremely happy, till suddenly all the stones disappeared again! How annoying. Tried all kinds of different things, and I am now at the point where it sometimes works, and sometimes it doesn't. Well, I guess it's better than it not working at all. I just wish what makes it work or fail, so I could recreate the right circumstances. It is a very useful collection of problems, I think it will help me a lot.

Down to 14 minutes at the Korean Problem Academy level 1. Still made four mistakes though. So at least I reached my time goal, now I just need to reach my perfection goal. And then, on to level 2 of course. I did 60 level 2 problems today, it will be a while before I can do those as fast as level 1. Will be a good challenge.

Got two new go books in the mail today. One about the Chinese opening, which I desperately need. I so totally hate playing against chinese, often do disrupt it while it is still building. But I recognize that that isn't the right way to deal with it, I should be able to play against it, or to play it myself. This book will help me.

The other book is called 'Direction of Play' and just from reading the intro, I could tell already that it is going to be very useful.

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