Friday, April 22, 2005

Creation versus Destruction

Yesterday, I played a good game against our local 5k and got promoted to only 5 handicap against him. Was feeling good about that, till I started playing my nightly KGS games. First two were just fun and friendly games, but my play totally sucked. I had a lot of kid interruptions, but I don't think they were the whole picture. For the third game, the kids had gone to bed anyway, so can't blame them for that loss :-)

Lost three out of three. Not good, so I started thinking about them. Some analysis made me realize what had happened. A few days ago, I played a few games where my opponent built a nice big moyo, and I would either invade incorrectly, or be too late to invade. So I vowed that wouldn't happen again. From now I would make sure my opponent was not going to make huge moyos.

So I played to disrupt the opponents development, but paid almost no attention to my own positions. Which got worse and worse. I would jump in at the wrong time, wrong place, wrong tesuji. Reduce the wrong way. Everything wrong! I felt so annoyed with myself.

But it did teach me to not just go for destruction. Creation is ok too, even if the opponent is creating things. So today, I changed my playing style. I did my own thing, and let him do his own thing. I got behind (he was better at creating things),but in both games, he made some mistakes I could use. And lo and behold, I managed to win both of those games! Even although he had a whole side both times. Amazing how well that worked. And he was a stronger player too!

Now I have to find the balance between creation and destruction. I think my last two games were not enough of reducing moves and such, but I still came out ahead.

Down to 16 minutes at the Korean Problem Academy level 1. Still made six mistakes. But I am getting closer!

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Anonymous said...

you got it. that's the right way to play.